Our Instructors

At Best Lesson Ever, we are lucky to have some of the most talented and dedicated music teachers in the Friendswood area. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on two of our amazing instructors: Brian Carrion and Calvin Parker.

Brian Carrion is an incredibly versatile musician and teacher, who is skilled in a wide range of instruments and styles. He teaches piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, bass, and songwriting, and his passion for music is contagious. Brian’s students consistently rave about his engaging and supportive teaching style, and many of them have gone on to pursue successful careers in music.

In addition to his impressive musical talents, Brian is also a gifted songwriter. He has written and recorded several original songs, and his music has been featured on popular TV shows and movies. Brian’s passion for songwriting is contagious, and he loves sharing his knowledge and experience with his students.

Calvin Parker, on the other hand, is known for being the best drum instructor in Friendswood. He has been teaching drums for over 10 years, and his passion for the instrument is unmatched. Calvin’s students consistently praise his ability to break down complex drumming techniques and make them easy to understand. He is also an expert in music production, and many of his students have gone on to work in the music industry thanks to the skills they learned from Calvin.

In short, Brian Carrion and Calvin Parker are two of the most talented and dedicated music teachers in the Friendswood area. We are lucky to have them on our team at Best Lesson Ever Studios, and we are confident that their passion and expertise will continue to inspire and educate the next generation of musicians.

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